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Drug Crimes

A conviction for a drug offense can have repercussions that may last a lifetime. The consequences of a conviction of a drug offense, even a misdemeanor, can lead to the loss of a job, loss of eligibility for student loan and grant benefits, loss of housing, the loss of ability to secure a government job, eviction from government housing, ineligibility for US citizenship (if not already a citizen), and that’s not even mentioning the direct consequences of a fine or imprisonment.

Perhaps the most important choice in any drug case is the choice of attorney. Grant Smaldone has years of experience defending and prosecuting drug offenses in South Carolina. Litigating a drug case can be very complex. Many issues can arise, such as whether there was a valid search, whether there was any evidence to suggest the drugs were for distribution, the validity of any lab testing or chain of custody done to the drugs, and whether the drugs are controlled substances at all. Grant Smaldone has represented a multitude of defendants charged with drug crimes ranging from Simple Possession of Marijuana all the way to Trafficking Heroin. Attorney Smaldone is ready to do what is best to protect your interests, including argue before a jury for an acquittal if that is what is necessary to fight for your liberty.

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