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South Carolina DUI laws are among the most complex in the nation. It is no secret that the state of South Carolina takes drinking and driving very seriously. Consequences, even for a first offense, include the loss of driver’s license, requirement of filing SR-22 high-risk insurance, mandatory drug and alcohol safety classes, a permanent criminal record, and  possible imprisonment.

Perhaps more so than other types of criminal cases, time is of the essence when retaining a DUI attorney to represent you. As soon as you were arrested, there were deadlines that began that you may not even have been aware existed, particularly with the possible suspension of your driver’s license.

Attorney Grant Smaldone knows how to fight for his clients when they are arrested for Driving Under the Influence in South Carolina. He knows that an arrest is NOT a conviction, and if necessary, will make sure a jury is aware of that fact as well. Call (803) 406-4376 today to schedule a free consultation!



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