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Sex Crimes

Perhaps more so than with any other crimes, sex offenses carry permanent consequences. For better or worse, the United States and South Carolina has determined that those convicted of certain offenses be required to register as a sex offender for the rest of their lives. In South Carolina, even an offense as simple as Assault and Battery, 2nd Degree (a misdemeanor) can result in a lifetime of mandatory registration as a sex offender. Furthermore, some offenses, such as Criminal Sexual Conduct with a Minor in the First and Third Degree require a lifetime ankle monitor.

It is tempting to talk with law enforcement to “explain away” what you think “really happened” when confronted with a possible charge with a sex offense. Attorney Grant Smaldone knows that the only person you should talk to about the case is a qualified criminal defense attorney.

Attorney Grant Smaldone has successfully defended sex offenses, including a Not Guilty jury verdict at trial on Criminal Sexual Conduct with a Minor, First Degree, a crime which has a possible penalty of Life in Prison with No Parole. Attorney Grant Smaldone knows the difficulty, humiliation, embarassment, and scorn that can come from the community when one is charged with a sex offense. That’s why he is prepared to fight to clear you name, your reputation, and your standing in the community. The Law Office of Grant B. Smaldone offers free consultations and flexible payment plans once you retain our services. Don’t delay, call (803)406-4376.