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Traffic Offenses

South Carolina’s points system can quickly lead to a driver’s license suspension. Even minor speeding offenses can eventually escalate into a suspension of your privilege to drive. Furthermore, the consequences of tickets can lead to sky-high insurance rates. Eventually, enough serious traffic offenses can lead an otherwise law-abiding citizen to be declared a Habitual Traffic Offender, a status that will lead to a felony charge if you’re caught driving.

The best solution for traffic offenses is to hire an attorney before they escalate and lead to a driver’s license suspension. Attorney Grant Smaldone has handled hundreds of minor traffic offenses including Speeding, No Seatbelt, Reckless Driving, and Running a Stop Sign, to name just a few. Rather than simply just showing up to traffic court, pleading guilty, and hoping you get a “nice judge,”  Attorney Grant Smaldone can often negotiate a better outcome- one with no points and one that is not considered a moving violation by your insurance company.

When you’ve already waited too long and are facing more severe charges such as Drviving Under Suspension (DUS) or Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO), it is perhaps even more important that you retain competent legal representation. These offenses can lead to lengthy driver’s license suspensions, mandatory jail time, and in the case of a Habitual Traffic Offender case-a felony conviction that could land you in prison.

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