Property Crimes Defense Lawyer in Charleston, SC

South Carolina property crimes cover a broad range of conduct that includes causing damage to property, stealing someone’s property, or otherwise interfering with an alleged victim’s right to their property.

Some of the most common SC property offenses include:

Property crime cases usually involve an alleged victim (the owner of the property), and they may involve the payment of restitution to compensate for damaged or unrecovered property.

What are the Penalties for Property Crimes in SC?

Many SC property crimes have the same or similar penalties that are determined by the dollar value of the property that is alleged to have been stolen or destroyed, including shoplifting, larceny, possession of stolen goods, and possession of stolen vehicles.

For example:

  • Under $2000: a 30-day misdemeanor in the magistrate or municipal court;
  • More than $2000 but less than $10,000: Up to five years in prison and the case is heard in General Sessions Court; or
  • More than $10,000: Up to ten years in prison and the case is heard in General Sessions Court.

Other property crimes like burglary and arson have separate, more severe potential sentences.

What is a Property Crime Enhancement in SC?

Any SC property crime with a penalty that is determined by the dollar value of the property can be enhanced to a 10-year felony if the defendant has 2 or more convictions on their record for property crimes where the penalty was also determined by the dollar value.

For example, a homeless person who steals a 2$ candy bar can be charged with a 10-year felony if they have two prior convictions for shoplifting or another property crime…

SC Property Crimes Defense Attorney in Charleston

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