Out of State Drivers – Speeding Tickets and Traffic Violations

There are often special considerations when our client has gotten a speeding ticket or other traffic violation, but they have an out of state license.

SC reports traffic convictions to most other states under the Interstate Driver’s License Compact, and then your home state will impose penalties based on a similar or the same offense under your home state’s laws.

What Happens if I Get a Speeding Ticket in Another State?

The penalties will depend on your home state’s law for comparable offenses, and, in some states, there will be unanticipated consequences.

If your SC traffic attorney is not familiar with the laws of your home state and does not determine what the effect will be, you may be unpleasantly surprised when your state’s DMV contacts you. Here are just a few examples that some attorneys may not be familiar with:

  • Many 2-point violations in SC will transfer as 0 points if you live in NC, but they may transfer as a 3-point violation if you live in Florida or some other states;
  • A 4-point violation in SC may suspend your license if you live in NC and you were driving faster than 70 mph; or
  • A careless operation conviction in SC carries 0 points and has no effect on your license – that sounds like a great deal until you discover that your home state treats it as a reckless driving conviction when it is reported to them, and it may result in the loss of points and a license suspension.

How Do We Handle Speeding Tickets for Out of State Drivers?

Very carefully…

First, we must know what effect a conviction would have on your license under SC law. Then, we need to determine: 1) the effect that a conviction would have on your license under your state’s law, and 2) what will happen “in translation” when the offense is transferred to your home state’s DMV (for example, a 2-point violation results in zero points when it is transferred to some other states, even though it would be a 2-point violation if it had happened in your home state).

Although there is always the possibility for unintended consequences, a traffic lawyer who routinely handles tickets for out of state drivers will understand how to predict what the outcome will be in your home state and can give you solid advice about what outcome you need in the SC court to protect your license at home.

Charleston, SC Speeding Ticket Attorney for Out of State Drivers

If you are an out of state driver who received a traffic violation in the Charleston, SC area, don’t take a chance on losing your license or unnecessarily paying increased insurance premiums. In most cases, unless your case is going to trial, you will not need to appear in court or return to SC, and your attorney will handle your case and all court appearances for you.

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