Traffic Ticket Defense Lawyer in Charleston, SC

Most people immediately realize that, if they are charged with a serious criminal offense, they need a criminal defense lawyer. But, what about speeding tickets?

“I need an attorney ASAP!” is probably not the first thing that pops into your mind as the officer is driving away while you study the blue ticket he just handed you, but maybe it should be – the consequences for traffic offenses in SC can be severe, especially if you let them accumulate without hiring a traffic lawyer.

What Kind of Traffic Offenses Do I Need an Attorney For?

The most common traffic offenses that we handle involve:

We routinely handle traffic violations including these and many others, get the tickets dismissed for our clients, have the tickets rewritten to a non-moving violation or other offense that will not affect their license, or try the ticket to a jury in the magistrate or municipal courts.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer for a Traffic Ticket?

When the attorney fees are reasonable, it costs less in most cases to retain a traffic violation lawyer than it does to just pay the fine and suffer the consequences to your license and insurance premiums…

Most traffic offenses do not just involve a fine – a conviction (i.e. paying the fine) could result in points taken from your license, increased insurance premiums, loss of your job if you drive for a living, license suspensions, license revocation after being declared a habitual offender by the DMV, and even jail time.

In some cases, your traffic attorney in Charleston, SC can get these tickets dismissed. In other cases, we can request a jury trial and then negotiate with the officer or prosecutor to minimize the impact of a ticket on your license.

SC Traffic Violation Attorney in Charleston

Charleston, SC traffic offense lawyer Grant B. Smaldone has successfully handled most types of traffic violations in South Carolina. We know the local courts, law enforcement agencies, local procedure, and, in most cases, we can get your ticket dismissed or rewritten to an offense that will not affect your license and insurance.

If you were given a speeding ticket or any other traffic violation in the Charleston, SC area, call before your initial court date at (843) 808-2100 or fill out our online contact form to set up a free consultation about your case.