Funny DUI Stories – Weird DUI Stories

Everyone wants to hear about funny DUI stories.

Here’s my standard response: I’m not going to talk about my clients, but I’ve found quite a few hilarious stories online that I can share:

Funny DUI and Weird DUI News from Around the World

Here’s a collection of the best DUI stories I’ve found – some are from around the US and others are from other countries.

Motorized Beer Cooler DUI

A man was arrested and charged with DWI, aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, and operating an uninsured motor vehicle in Whitehall, NY, on an electric powered “cruzin cooler” that had 14 beers inside.

A cruzin cooler has wheels, handlebars, and you sit on top of the cooler as you cruise around town with your beers close at hand…

Family DUI

A teenager in New Zealand was arrested and charged with DUI. When his mother came to pick him up from the police station, she was stopped and also arrested for DUI. She called her partner to come and get both of them, but, of course, he was also stopped on the way and arrested for… DUI.

The Good Citizen

A lady in Wisconsin called the police and reported herself for drunk driving…

“Somebody’s really drunk driving down Granton Road,” Mary Strey said during an Oct. 24 call to 911, according to tapes.

Trying to determine the location of the reported drunk driver, the dispatcher asked Strey: “Okay are you behind them, or…”

“No, I am them,” Strey said, according to MyFoxAustin.

The dispatcher verified, “You am them?”

“Yes, I am them,” said Strey.

“Okay, so you want to call and report that you’re driving drunk?” confirmed the dispatcher.

“Yes,” said Strey.

When an officer arrived, she reportedly said, “I called in, I’m drunk.”

The Walking, Talking Breathalyzer

James Miller was arrested in Ohio and charged with DUI, underage drinking, and traffic offenses while wearing a breathalyzer costume – “Miller’s breathalyzer costume featured a dial with three levels of drunkenness: Boring, Life of the Party, and Sotally Tober.”

I’m sotally tober, occifer, I swear…

Barbie Car DUI

A man in Essex was arrested and convicted of DUI… in a child’s Barbie car that doesn’t travel faster than 4 mph. He also lost his license to drive for three years.

Kentucky Horse DUI

A man in Kentucky was charged with DUI on a horse after an officer saw him stumble as he dismounted. In Kentucky, apparently a horse is classified as a “non-motorized vehicle” and you cannot ride drunk.

“The arresting deputy said Reynolds had in his possession marijuana, several beers and a mason jar which he identified as moonshine.”

Snapchat DUI?

A 19-year-old in Texas was charged with DUI after taking a Snapchat selfie in her car.

Oh, as she was taking the selfie she crashed into an unattended police car. When police arrived, she was allegedly trying to put her shirt back on, had an open bottle of wine, and the car smelled of alcohol. And then there was always the (topless?) Snapchat photo for evidence…

Got  more (or better) funny DUI stories? Share them in the comments, please…

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