What is the Interstate ADSAP Office?

If you are required to complete the South Carolina ADSAP (alcohol and drug safety action program), that means you have already been convicted of DUI (driving under the influence) or that you have an implied consent suspension.

Every county in SC has an ADSAP program that you can attend to satisfy the requirements, but what if your conviction was in another state?

If you have a DUI conviction from another state, you will need to contact the “Interstate ADSAP Office,” which is right here in Dorchester County (Charleston/ North Charleston, SC). They can be reached at (843) 821-5412.

What is ADSAP?

ADSAP (the SC alcohol and drug safety action program) is an outpatient counseling program that is required for anyone who:

  • Has been convicted of DUI or DUAC;
  • Has an administrative, or implied consent, suspension based on refusal to take the breathalyzer or a result of .15 or greater; or
  • Has been charged under SC’s “zero tolerance” law which applies to minors.

The program costs $500, all other license suspensions must be cleared up, and you will have to show proof of SR-22 insurance when you enroll.

After a first-offense DUI conviction, you will be able to drive on a provisional license once you have enrolled in the program. In other situations, you cannot drive until your suspension period is over and you have completed the ADSAP program.

What if I Have a DUI from Another State?

If you have a DUI conviction from another state or if you have a SC DUI conviction and you want to get your driver’s license in another state, you will need to contact the SC interstate ADSAP office in Dorchester County.

They will give you instructions for where you should enroll in the ADSAP program based on your circumstances.

How Can I Avoid ADSAP?

If you’ve been convicted of DUI in SC or if you have an implied consent license suspension, you can’t avoid ADSAP if you ever want to drive again.

You may be able to avoid ADSAP, however, if you immediately call a Charleston DUI defense lawyer after your arrest. Your DUI defense attorney can:

  • Request an administrative hearing for you after an implied consent license suspension – you must request the hearing within 30 days of your arrest;
  • Represent you at the implied consent hearing and attempt to get your suspension “rescinded,” or overturned;
  • Get your DUI charges dismissed, rewritten to a non-DUI offense, or take your DUI charges to trial.

DUI Defense Attorney in Charleston, SC

Don’t wait until after a DUI conviction or implied consent suspension – if you have been arrested and charged with DUI in Charleston, SC, call Charleston DUI defense lawyer Grant B. Smaldone now for a free consultation and review of your case by calling at (843) 808-2100 or by filling out our online contact form.