Crimes Committed on Facebook Live

Since the launch of Facebook Live, there has been a steady stream of horrific crimes… live-streamed on Facebook. And not just a few – far more crimes committed on Facebook Live have been in the news than I have space to write about here.

I mean, if you could name the one most damning piece of evidence that could appear against a person, what would that be? In most cases, video of the crime as it happens

What is Facebook Live and what kind of crimes have been live-streamed as they happened?

What is Facebook Live?

Facebook Live is a relatively new feature on the Facebook social media platform that allows people (or companies or pages) to “live-stream” videos of themselves to fans, followers, or friends on Facebook.

When the broadcast ends, the video is then published to the user’s Facebook Page or Profile so anyone who missed it can just show up and watch it later. Anyone who follows a page or person on Facebook gets a notification when the page or person “goes live.”

If you see a Facebook Live video with inappropriate content, you can “flag” the video just as you can “flag” any post or comment on Facebook:

As with all videos and content on Facebook, we have reporting tools in place to enable people on Facebook to report content that they believe violates our community standards. Our teams will review those reports, and if content violates our standards it will be removed.

But what if the live-stream is showing a crime in progress? Unfortunately, that has become all too common since the feature was launched…

What are Some Crimes Committed on Facebook Live?

Crimes committed on Facebook Live run the gamut – large, small, OMG, who cares? It’s the most horrific crimes that have gotten media attention for the last few years, however.

What are some of the crimes committed on Facebook Live that have been covered by the media?

Philando Castile

Philando Castile’s girlfriend, Diamond Phillips, pulled out her cellphone and started live-streaming to Facebook after a Minnesota police officer shot and killed him – the video showed Phillips sitting in the car next to Castile, and the police officer standing at the window as Castile is bleeding from a gunshot wound next to her.

Although the police officer was acquitted of murder charges, the city paid a $3 million dollar settlement for the wrongful death.

Jason Moody

A man was charged with murder after he accidentally filmed himself beating Moody to death on a street in Bangor, Maine. As they walked down the street together, he called a woman on video chat.

Not realizing that his phone was still connected, he placed it in his shirt pocket as the woman watched him allegedly grab Moody by the throat and bash his head into the pavement before running away…

Rape in a Nightclub

A woman was allegedly raped in an Atlanta nightclub last weekend… on Facebook Live.

She was live-streaming her birthday celebration – but the live-stream then broadcast her rape as she screamed and called for help. Additional video from the nightclub apparently shows the suspect picking her up and carrying her into a back room where she can still be heard screaming.

Despite the live broadcast and several calls to police, security at the nightclub did not help her and Atlanta’s finest didn’t show up until after she had left the club. As of today, the suspect has not been arrested.

Robert Goodwin, Sr.

A man in Connecticut apparently filmed himself murdering 74-year-old Robert Goodwin, Sr. He uploaded multiple videos that included him stating that he intended to murder Goodwin, murdering Goodwin, and confessing to murdering Goodwin before his Facebook account was disabled.

Two days later, he killed himself after a police chase.

Thailand Murder-Suicide

A 20-year-old man in Thailand broadcast himself hanging his 11-month-old daughter and then killing himself on Facebook Live. The horrific video was uploaded and available for everyone to see for almost 24 hours before Facebook removed it.

Torture of Special Needs Victim

Four people in Chicago kidnapped and beat a man with special needs, broadcasting video of themselves torturing the man on Facebook Live. The video footage included the suspects forcing him to drink from a toilet, threatening him with a knife, and threatening to kill him.

The man was tied and kept against his will for over 24 hours before he was released and found wandering on a Chicago street.

Teenage Murder

Teenagers in Canada broadcast a video on Facebook Live of two girls beating a classmate to death. The girls have been charged with murder.

This is How You’ll End if You Irritate Your Husband…

A man in Germany posted a Facebook Live video with blood on his face and hands after stabbing his wife in the neck. As their son stands next to him, he says he did it to send a message to women who irritate their husbands, and says “this is how you’ll end…”

He was located and arrested soon after the video was posted.

You Wanna Be Famous?

A mother of three in Louisiana live-streamed herself and her ex-boyfriend who was holding her hostage at her home. After saying, “You wanna be famous? I’m gonna make you famous,” he shot her on FB Live.

When police arrived, he shot at them also. He wasn’t killed but was arrested and charged with murder and attempted murder.

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